This piece was created from a collaboration with a street artist Rö whose aim was to bring about a performance in an abandoned school (school of Saint Angels) from Douarnenez, France. Following numerous excursions in this place I was able to collect multiple fragments of glass belonging to this school. For me these pieces of glass are full of meaning and stories related to this place.

Much like Anselm Kiefer, I reused materials loaded with history and gave them new meaning. Along this idea I  was able to use all the collected glass fragments collected to make a new window for the abandoned school.

When the project was finished I planned to transcribe it again and have a new result by combining the materials that have concluded the initial project (editing and video) and the window that becomes fragile with time. My plan was to mould it into a new form, a new idea.

Furthermore, the fact of having placed the window horizontally, one could notice that a relief, a landscape appeared and this was in line with the idea of my work. What what interests me in my work is that nothing can confine a sculpture to a single end. And because I am in perpetual evolution consequently my work also evolves.

vitrail de l’école des saint anges, piece of recycled glass – steel, 2013