This service consists of a bottle and two glasses.

It will accompany you in moments of drunkenness and sobriety, but it will always keep its balance.

Such as the tutor’s line of conduct, the glasses and the bottle alike will represent the rigor in regards of the consciousness of the acts and gestures during the unsteady, woozy moments. The characteristic of this service is the constant search for balance. With each handling the glasses and the bottle will tilt but due to their weight concentrated in the center of their spherical base they will regain their vertical position just like a culbuto round-bottomed doll.

This service is suitable for strong alcohols, such as the digestif: brandy, whiskey, vodka …

There are two glasses to encourage the sharing of any beverage. Once finished, the rule will be to put the glasses one on the other, rim against rim in order to finish this moment in the balance between the spirit and the body.

This service is therefore designed to the playful, cheerful but also it calls the conscience of the act.

service de l’homme ivre, blown glass mold, 2015