Everyone knows about protection. It’s the resulting membrane of multiple interactions with the inveterate with others. It comes in different tangible and intangible forms.

The one I wished to study was mainly the protective casing. For this I designed a helmet  inspired mainly of Japanese helmets.

I stripped down the decorations in order to obtain a raw aspect of steel, one that freshly exited the factory.

Besides this I also played with the subtlety of forms.

I wanted that it already emanates from its material a presence similar to the Richard Serra sculptures, but adding a certain harmony trough its curves.

I then designed his ‘mu’ in white plexiglass but in a way makes them meet in space. Thus an exchange emerges in this space between two entities, the matrix and its image.

Seconde peau, forged steel, 2010

Sans-titre (reflet thermoformé), plexiglas, 2011