Plan D> Skateboard is an editorial project led by the collective under the walls. Its primary ambition is to convey a rudimentary way to develop a skateboard. These explanations take place in 4 stages (trucks, deck, wheels, bearings) which detail the different parts of the skate respectively.

Despite much research which make up the three manuals, the design remained at the theoretical stage. However, the project is evolving every time when a reader appropriates the technics trough practices in a simple, primitive, economic way. From this labor, he will design thus this artifact of freedom in hostile environments.


The order of presentation of the booklets is as follows:

-Plan D> skateboard> Brasier: multi-functional tool to build all the parts of a skateboard.

-Plan D> skateboarding> Trucks: forging a truck.

-Plan D> skateboard> Deck: shaping a skateboard -Plan D> skateboard> Wheels: sink the wheels.


Plan D > skateboard, 3 manuals, 14x21cm, 40p. and displays, 29,7x42cm, 2013