The project was presented in collaboration with the artist Mathilde Giraudeau through an exhibition (Papier avec Lune) at the Contemporary Art Centre LE QUARTIER in Quimper. We made balls of crumpled steel sheet which were etched on one side. We have reflected on the phenomena of waste, garbage and in particular the trajectories they describe between a center (which rejects them) and a periphery. Frontiers, peripheries and the space are all places where waste accumulates and at the same time, paradoxically these are spaces where the ‘new’ emerges from proximity with the ‘otherworldliness’.

So we decided that our points of interest are the trajectories starting from the earth and going up into space, including very specific places that are called are Lagrange points. There are five Lagrangian points (L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5) that are located in points where the attraction of the Sun, Moon and Earth cancel each other out. These points have the particularity of always having a fixed position with respect to the three stars and because of their particular situations, all the natural or artificial objects resulting from space missions tend to accumulate there.

Moreover these points are extremely used by astronomers because they are suitable positions for the observation of the cosmos.

We then became interested in the human objects which are dispatched and stay there, so we documented their stories. We found diagrams and path plans used by scientists which gave us good leads for the development of drawings. Thus, we have linked these spatial scraps to other types of trajectory that are on a scale closer to ours (chemical, biological relation of the appearance of oxide on metal, phenomenon of rejection of certain stigmatized populations on the outskirts of cities, the management of garbage on land and on sea).

All these elements mentioned above are visible on prints. They gravitate around the same axis: the fractal. The analogous point that links spatial movements to earthlings.

Papier avec lune, engraved steel-paper, 2011