This project was born for the exhibition: écoute la lumière  (listening to light) at the IPT of Paris. Along this theme I was able to note the paradox of listening and therefore hearing the capturing of a visual element: the light. To listen to the light is to pay attention to what it tells us.

Following the many reflections with the materials that I practice with, I decided to use the glass to offer this object a sensory and physical value. Also, its small size as well as its transparency camouflage the identity of this abyssal predator. In collaboration with ARCAM GLASS, we produced two copies of scale 1 of the melanocetidae johnson: one with its lantern rising and the other descending. For this exhibition I exposed only one: the one with the lantern directed towards the sky. It was suspended from the ceiling to eye-level by a thin nylon thread. Its position brought about a better relationship with the person who came to meet it.


opinion d’un poisson lanterne, crystal, 2013