“One day, no one knows why, the zero, the mad, the fool, comes out of its shell and its circle and it incarnates in perfection. It becomes the unit number 1, the first being, the first appearance of everything. This is birth ”

This neo-fabor fictional vagabond poses questions to his ancestors on his initiation path. In the continuity, he again visits a new relationship with the glass with which he can converse. While remaining aware of the path established by his predecessors, this ceremonial tool aims to give new technical and formal possibilities to this “neo-pyro-fabor” in a context different from the one he maintained until our days. The project is a tool inspired by the main known blowing techniques: Blown knees, blowing the fork, blowing the bench. He considers and uses all their peculiarities that make for their respective singularities. This is an optimized holding: multi-functional, lightweight, purified and uncluttered in mechanism, mobile in its movements.

It thus possesses the minimum of tools indispensable to the glassmaker to carry out its parts. In addition the blower will be able to work both a single part and in series. Indeed, his breeches (GETA) of Japanese inspiration, have the capacity to contain any mold: lightweight, flexible and precise dimensions adapted to the location under the sole. Thus his activity will be maintain by various services that he will offer in his roaming for accomodation.


‘Le bateleur Mat’ant le verre, cotton-leather-steel-wood, 2014-2016