Following abundant research, I decided to develop a European-scale scenario. During my school exchange in Hungary I started to apply my writings to objects found during my travels.

I designed from these objects a multifunctional forge: a military bag (bellows and bag), a pipe as a fireboat, a hammer, a pair of tongs and a small anvil. The bag’s primary utility is to be a container but it can also be changed into bellows by fixing the pipe to its base. I wanted this object to be solid, light and practical so that it comes out of its status of being an art object towards an object /tool of reflection and use. Through this act, I designate myself at the periphery of the art world and perceive these compositions as the survival’s art. Like Fluxus or Dada, I elaborate a situation where a completely strange object is activated in the present world. I question my context, my activity in order to bring a new look to our world.


Forge Nomade, various materials, 2012-2013