This piece is an order from a barge owner. This one has a stove in its ship, but it is on the edge of a thin corridor (photo opposite, bottom). The risk is big of being into contact with the exhaust pipe. So he asked me to create a customized protection element which must meet two requirements:

-protect from possible combustion in this area

-the object must be aesthetic and in harmony with the place

Knowing that this space is fairly neutral, with a presence of raw materials and furniture of simple and practical forms (marine furniture), I have decided that these codes will be my guidelines in this project. In a rough old sheet worked by time, I noticed that the chaotic oxidation patterns drew an imaginary geographical map where the edges of rust could represent the edges of the tectonic plates. At their encounters, at their faults, I punched orifices that symbolize the points of rupture and practically they serve as ventilation spots. I then joined it between a frame and the forged frame. Then the whole new part was coated in linseed oil and browned with a torch to bring it closer to the appearance of the leather.

Firewall, metalwork and wrought iron, 2014