This project was carried out in collaboration with Pierre Boschat, a student of EESAB who’s main works are from the domain of sound. Since long time ago we wished to link our work and our very different practices. Pierre frames sound in a very unique way, understanding and using it rather as matter and I study matter as a graphic, evocative element. We both tried to find a new vision in our respective fields, a new domain for our materials and energy, one that would be in sync with what we wanted to study.

It was the process of forging combined with the musical domain that led us to find a common path. We decided to record in a different way the sound of forging by changing our standard tools  and to capture and replay the best we could. We recorded simultaneously the low and dub strikes inside the blacksmith trunks, while capturing the treble, the very high notes outside.  During its installation we defined two constraints. On the one hand, the objects that have captured the sound return the recording, that is to say that the trunk retransmits the vibrations of the infra-basses like a hum and the forged piece gives the twinkles by the treble. And on the other hand, the confrontation of materials and their intrinsic character: the world of the mineral meets the world of the vegetal. We wanted to place the two nearby to promote their relationship, their dialogue.

de son et d’acier, wood-steel, 2013