I am calling them the amber of the lake in Romanian. The inspiration for this comes directly from a superficially frozen river which flows into Lake Fântânele in Transylvania. The ice that had formed on the surface during this winter time offered a spectacle of active water with air bubbles trying to run off by sliding and slipping along the ice walls.

I contemplated it as a spectacle in which the chaotic movements of the air bubbles imprisoned between the relief of the ice and the water formed the most surprising, organic forms. It was at this time that I collected stones along the lake as souvenir artifacts of that moment.

On my return I then sketched the idea of summarizing this excursion by working directly with glass. Like the fossilized resin of amber, glass envelops and freezes the stone in its evolution. In this way it fixes its erosion and thus becomes an instant memory of the place.

Each piece is unique in its form and in its realization. I had to develop an understanding of glass, techniques and tools to avoid physic and chimic failures.

Chihlimbar din lac, glass-stone, 2012