Bio + CVs

Born in France in 1989, Léonard Fortin holds a strong relationship between himself and his environment. Ever since childhood, languages considered manual (drawing, sculpture and martial arts) took an early spot in his educational linguistics, allowing him to interact with the spaces that contained the actors that animated him. All along his journey he’s developed an acuity in these techniques of reflexion and communication, before trying to rewrite his ideas. The time spent in school and university reinforced the relevance of his language. Furthermore, his atypical journey indirectly gave birth to an autonomy and a curiosity towards languages considered marginal. A desire towards an openness of spirit supported by various collaborations and parallel formations but also through the readings made in his artistic pur- suit. Léonard finds himself on the border between two worlds (art and craft) that have been trying to disassociate for a while. For Him, the craft is not merely a quest for the virtuosity of gesture by an exacerbated cartesian, but truly a comprehension of subject through gesture. And as for his art, he sees it as an frontierless environment, a dream that allows for a consistent and profound rewrite of all that the humain has not yet been able to scale. Thus Léonard is in the flexibility of spirit which combines the openness of fields of experimentation offered by art and the optimized focus provided by craftsmanship.


2015/2016 : schooling of «compagnon verrier européen» (european glass-maker companion) at CERFAV

2014/2015 : CAP (Certificate of professional) skills of art of glass and crystal, glass blowing at CERFAV

2012/2013 : Diploma of master DNSEP (National higher diploma of Fine Art) with congratulations at l’EESAB

2011/2012 : Erasmus in Romania, Casting Bronze and blowing glass 2010/2011 : Diploma of licence DNAP ( National Diploma of Fine Art) with congratulations at l’EESAB

2007/2008 : Baccalaureate Applicated Arts > EXPERIENCES

2016/2017 : Collective Exhibition, Pasteur, Pasteur hotel, Rennes, FR

2015/2016 : Collective Exhibition, Journées Européenes des métiers d’arts, RARES Galery, Nancy, FR

2014/2015 : Collective Exhibition, lieux humides, Muel (Ile-et-Vilaine), FR

2013/2014 : Collective Exhibition, une temps pour tout, Paris

2013/2014 : Collective Exhibition, Vanité vanitum, Paris

2013/2014 : Collective Exhibition, Partie de campagne, St Briac (Ile-et-Vilaine), FR

2013/2014 : Collective Exhibition, sous les murs, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, FR

2012/2013 : Collective Exhibition, écoute la lumière, Paris

2012/2013 : Collective Exhibition, source de transparence, Paris

2012/2013 : Collective Exhibition, bois et métal, Ergué Gaberic, FR

2012/2013 : Collective Exhibition in Theater Max Jacob, Quimper, FR

2011/2012 : Collective Exhibition, Papier avec Lune, Centre d’art le Quartier, Quimper, FR

2011/2012 : Collective Exhibition in Cluj napoca, RO

2008/2009 : Collective Exhibition, Fine Art Museum of Quimper, FR


2015/2016 : schooling of «compagnon verrier européen» (european glass-maker companion) at CERFAV, FR

2014/2015 : CAP (Certificate of professional) skills of art of glass and crystal, glass blowing at CERFAV, FR > EXPERIENCES

2016/2017 : glass blower & assistant / blacksmith (4 months) in glass studio of Coteaux, FR

2015/2016 : 1 month of glassblowing’s stage in ARCAM GLASS, FR

2014/2015 : 2 weeks of glassblowing’s stage in Yann Oulevay & Valérie de Roquemaurel studio, CH

2014 : Begining of numeric experiences, milling machine CNC and 3D printing, CERFAV, France

2012 : Assistant/technician (1 month) for Mark Jenkins, Paris

2012 : 2 months of stage with an glass maker/artist in Hungary

2011/2012 : 6 months of Casting Bronze’s stage in RO 2011 : Begining glassblowing in Romania

2008/2009 : 1 month of stage in marocan blacksmithing in Marrakech

2007 : Begining of forging in France”